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Perfect Woman. Love Muscles.

What is this training about:
Do you know how Japanese geishas and Greek hetaeras drew unremitting attention of men who in turn lavished gifts on them and poetized in their poetry and poems? It is said that they perfectly mastered the art of seduction and delivered ethereal pleasure to their beloved. One of their main secrets was a skillful love muscles management. Moreover, it is well known that priestesses of love preserve their beauty and stay young and healthy for a long time...and all these thanks to exercises for intimate muscles!

   Duration of training: 3 hours
   Payment for training shall be made in cash.
Become his only sexual fantasy

Discover new possibilities in the art of oral sex!

Find out why men are so unconsciously in love with oral sex. Find spots on a man’s body and learn to extend his orgasm and to work on the most sensitive areas. Surprise your man every day with new methods and techniques. Create a strong, passionate and full of sensuality relationship.

Comfortable and fully confidential.

   Duration of training: 3 hours
   Payment for training shall be made in cash.
Learn about secret spots on a man’s body

Relax massage

You will learn how to make him relax, help him relieve stress after a hard day, make him immerse in the nirvana of pleasure by your touch. You will do it in an unusual and artistic manner - using completely new techniques and methods.

Body to body erotic massage.

Body - body massage - is the art of love that can give him incredible sexual sensations. An exciting prelude, in which the breast, thighs, buttocks, pubic area and vagina will be your perfect assistants in love, and the man will be constantly dreaming about sex - only with you.

   Duration of training: 3 hours
   Payment for training shall be made in cash

After the training, you will be more self-confident and constantly desired. You will learn to accumulate a sexual energy that will bring a lot of positive emotions into your life.

You will attract the man you were dreaming of or will improve your relationship with your partner.

Sign up and start to enjoy life!


We guarantee full confidentiality.

Use of mobile phones, tape recorders, video cameras, and participation in the training together with men is strictly forbidden, because all we talk about is our female secret and our secret love weapon.

The number of places in the group is limited.

For more information on trainings, please call.


I am a practicing psychologist and sexologist, organizer and facilitator of trainings for women. I am 38 years old, married for 14 years, have two sons.

At some point, when I already had some professional psychological education, I realized that I had the inner strength and the ability to help women become happier - not in words, but in deeds. I mastered the techniques, practices and procedures that would make the sexual life interesting, diverse, extremely rich, and the relationships - closer. Now I know that I found myself in this: my classes have been attended by hundreds of women, they became more self-confident in life, they know what they want and how to achieve it.

By getting to know yourself and your partner, by using hidden techniques - you will be able to avoid problems in the relationship with the man and find happiness in family life.

Looking forward to meeting you at my trainings!


Good afternoon!
I visited 2 trainings of yours: “The Art of Thai sex” and “Oral sex” (held by Ecaterina). I tumbled by chance in the Internet and thought, “Why not?”. Moreover, I am not an expert in sex and I have had little experience, unlike my man. As a result, after the training I made an unforgettable evening for my man! I started with Thai and switched to oral. To say that he liked it is to say nothing. Such a delight I did not expect! And he admitted that he did not expect this from me, and he is delighted of these changes, nobody surprised him in such a way! Thank you very much! I for sure will pass other trainings of yours :)

Camille, Canada.

I recently visited a training entitled “The Art of oral sex”. Honestly, at first I was shy and thought that it will not result in something significant, but having visited the training, my personal life has changed!! My husband is absolutely delighted, wears me on hands:) I advise everyone!!! This is a very rewarding experience, with it your sex will be much richer and brighter!

Marcela, Moldova.

After childbirth I passed training “I am a woman. Muscles of Love”, and it helped me a lot. Sexual desire recovered and I began to get very strong orgasms. I feel myself very sexy and attractive. I started to enjoy life! Thank you. I do not regret that signed up to you.

Kate, Ukraine.

Visited the training Art of Oral Sex, left very good impressions. I and my partner have now more experiments in bed! I never thought that training will be able to change in such a way sex life and make it much brighter. With pleasure I will visit the rest of the trainings!

Carmen, Canada.

We live with my husband for 10 years. Family life went into a quiet, monotonous rhythm, disappeared passion and attraction to each other. A friend advised me to pass your trainings. I managed anew to surprise and please my beloved husband. Now he does not stop to indulge me with different surprises, gives flowers and looks at me as before. Thank you for returning me the happiness of family life!

Rislaine, Canada.

Girls, it’s wonderful! Everybody need to know this! The man is happy, you’re happy! It’s just a must have!
I write reviews in exceptional cases. Now it is.
Yesterday I was at the training “The Art of oral sex”.
I was very impressed!
First, a few words about how I found you.
Some time ago, my husband sent me a link to your blog, in which there was discussed this training. I became very interested in and decided to register.
It was very interesting. A lot of really useful information. It is a pleasure to work with quality materials. Coach is gorgeous (absolutely in any sense of the word, except for irony)!
And most importantly, my husband is just in the seventh heaven!
Thank you and see you soon.

Sonja, Canada.
City Training Date Price  
Abano Terme Art of Oral Sex 19-20.09 100 euro
Thai SPA Massage 100 euro
Perfect Woman 100 euro
+393 421 214 127   italy@siverenko.com
Dubai (UAE) Perfect Woman 27-29.12 360 AED
Thai SPA Massage 360 AED
Art of Oral Sex 360 AED
+971554530597   uae@sivereko.com
Iași (Romania) Art of Oral Sex 25-26.06 400 RON
Thai SPA Massage 400 RON
Perfect Woman 400 RON
Kiev (Ukraine) Art of Oral Sex 22-24.09 900 UAH
Perfect Woman 900 UAH
Montreale (Canada) Art of Oral Sex 06-07.08 130 CAD
Thai SPA Massage 130 CAD
Perfect Woman 130 CAD
+5 145 890 260   canada@siverenko.com
Toronto (Canada) Art of Oral Sex 10.08 130 CAD
Thai SPA Massage 130 CAD
+5 145 890 260   canada@siverenko.com
Miami (Florida) Art of Oral Sex 30-31.07 120 USD
Thai SPA Massage 120 USD
+19703312574   usa@siverenko.com
Abano Terme
Dubai (UAE)
Iași (Romania)
  • Training
  • Art of Oral Sex
  • Thai SPA Massage
  • Perfect Woman
  • Date
  • 25-26.06
  • Price
  • 400 RON
  • romania@siverenko.com
Kiev (Ukraine)
Montreale (Canada)
Toronto (Canada)
Miami (Florida)